Mumbai’s Special VADA PAV Recipe with a twist👨‍🍳 (from Mom’s Secret CookBook 😋👨‍🍳)

Heyy Foodies ❤️😋

This recipe of Vada Pav is the most demanded one at our home😋. It’s my mom’s recipe, and whoever eats it can’t stop having them😋 I am not even joking here😏 It’s so truee😋

So today i want to share this special recipe with all of you😋☺️

                 👨‍🍳Vada Recipe👨‍🍳

Ingredients required:-👨‍🍳

         ( serves 4) 

  • 5 potatoes ( Boiled )
  • Gram Flour (250g) (Besan) 
  • Turmeric Powder (Haldi)
  • Red Chilli Powder
  • Asafoetida (Hing)
  • Carom( Ajwain)
  • Curry leaves ( kadi patta)
  • Mustard Seeds
  • Garlic cloves (7-8)
  • Cilantro ( Coriander)
  • Green Chillies
  • Salt ( as per taste)


Boil the potatoes, peel them and then mash them. In a pan put oil ( 2 tablespoon) , add Asafoetida ( hing) 1/2 teaspoon, mustard seeds, curry leaves ( kadi patta) , garlic cloves chopped finely (3-4) , Green chillies finely chopped ( 4-5). Then add Turmeric powder ( 1/2 teaspoon) red chilli powder (1 teaspoon) and carom (ajwain). Then put the mashed potatoes, sprinkle salt( as per taste) and mix well. After 5 minutes turn off the stove and sprinkle some cilantro (coriander) and mix well. Keep this potato mixture aside to come at a room temperature. 

In a seperate bowl take 250g gram flour( besan) , add salt, turmeric powder ( 1/2 teaspoon) , red chilli powder ( 1 teaspoon) , asafoetida ( hing) little bit of it , pour water into it so as to make a batter which is not too thick nor too watery.

Make small balls of the potato batter and keep aside in a plate. 

In another pan , heat oil for frying. Dip the potato balls in the gram flour mixture ( besan mixture) and fry them until light brown. 

Take them out and serve them hot 😋

Your vada’s are ready!! 


Isn’t there something missing? Yes it is with what will you have these yummy vada’s ?

THIS IS THE Most demanded and most special part of the recipe , which is👇🏻

    👉🏻 PEANUT CHUTNEY 🥜 👈🏻

Ingredients required:-👨‍🍳

  • 250g roasted peanuts 
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic 
  • Salt ( as per taste) 
  • Red chilli powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar


Put  250g roasted peanuts, garlic , salt , red chilli powder and sugar in a grinder and grind it. Remove the peanut mixture in a seperate bowl. 

In a small pan add 1 tablespoon oil , let it heat , then add 2 dry red chillies ( cut into 2 halfes) , mustard seeds ( 1 teaspoon) and Curry leaves ( Kadi patta). When the crackle sound comes switch off the stove. Then immediately add the oil mixture on top of the peanut mixture and cover it with a lid.✔️

After 5 minutes take off he lid. And your Peanut Chutney is readyy!!☺️


You may just have the vada’ s with the peanut chutney or you could buy pav’s ( Buns) from the market , spread the peanut chutney on the buns and stuff the vada’s inside it.👨‍🍳

I hope you all enjoy eating this❤️👨‍🍳

Lots of foodlove🍪


Fathers Day Special Carrot Cake 🥕🍰

Heyy Foodies❤️ First of all i would like to wish a veryy Happy Fathers Day🤗

Like any other child i wanted to make my father happy on this special day of his🤔 I was soo confused 🤷‍♀️ about what type of cake shall i bake🍰

I was going through instagram and saw a picture of carrot cake🥕

That’s when i decided to bake one for my dad🎂✔️

And so on this special day i would like to share the recipe with all of you of

My Homemade Special Fathers Day  Carrot Cake 🥕🍰

Ingredients required ~~

  • 400g Carrot
  • 2 cups caster sugar
  • 1 and half tbsp cinnamon powder
  • 2 and 3/4 cup All purpose Flour
  • 3 tbsp baking soda
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 cups oil 
  • 1tbsp vanilla essence 
  • Raisins (optional)
  • Pista (optional)


Grate the carrots and keep them seperately. In a seperate bowl crack the eggs and add sugar and oil, and mix them until thick. Add vanilla essence in the mixtue and mix it again and keep it aside. In a seperate bowl put the flour, baking soda and cinnamon powder and mix the flour mixture well. One by one add the flour mixture to the wet mixture slowly and keep mixing it. Add the grated carrots, raisins and pistachio in the mixture and mix it well. 

Put the mixture in the aluminium utensil you use for baking and keep it in the oven for atleast 1 hr or keep checking it until it comes up and if you touch it bouces back , only then it means it baked ( time can vary due to variety of ovens )

Suprise your father with a lovely carrot cake 🥕

I hope you liked it🍰

Lots of foodlove🍪


Best, Easy and Quick Homemade Garlic Bread✔️

Garlic breads are always compulsory with my pasta, and the kind of packed garlic bread i find in the market and sooo bad!!

So i decided to make garlic bread by myself. It was an easy task , it came out really well and tasted soo yum✔️

So i would like to share my recipe with you all❤️


  • Bread 🍞
  • Butter
  • Garlic ( finely chopped )
  • Oregano 🌿
  • Black pepper
  • Parsley
  • Onions ( finely chopped )
  • Green Chillies ( finely chopped )
  • Capsicum (finely chopped)
  • Chesse ( Slice cheese 🧀, Mozerella cheese ) /Grated/

You can completely remove the veggies as you want! I personally loved it! Quatity as per required!


Take the butter, melt it. Don’t over melt it. Add finely chopped garlic, oregano, black pepper and parsely. Mix it well. Take a piece of bread , it can be any type of bread, loaf etc. Make sure you cut it into an apt size. Spread the butter mixture on it.  Add grated cheese and the veggies on top of it. Put it in the oven at 200 degree celcius like for 10 minutes approx or till the base becomes crunchy and the cheese melts.


Lots of Foodlove🍪


8 street foods of Mumbai one should definitely try~

Here are the street foods one shall definitely try if you visit Mumbai–

1. Vada Pav –

It is the most famous fast food of Maharashtra. It consists of a deep fried potato patty with some coriander and lots of flavourful spices, served in a bread roll (pav) . Usually it is eaten with chutney and onions. It’s a MUST TRY SNACK !

2. Sev Puri –


It is a type of chaat sold on the streets of Mumbaii. It has a base of papdi loaded with diced potatoes, onions, 3 types of chutneys- tamarind, chili and garlic and top with sev. It is also seasoned with raw mangoes. It is super delicious and a must try!!

3. Misal Pao-

It’s particularly a breakfast dish.. Most people in Mumbai have it as their breakfast! It consists of Misal which is a spicy curry made of sprouted moth beans and pav. It is finally topped with potato chidwa, sev , onion, lemon and coriander (cilantro)

4. Pav Bhaji –

What is so different about Mumbai pav bhaji? You will only know once you taste it! It’s a thick veg curry made of a spiced mixture of mashed vegetables and served with soft bread roll.(pav)

5. Dabeli-

Though it was originated in Kutch but it is one of the most popular street food of Maharashtra. It is a spicy snack made by mixing boiled potatoes, with a dabeli masala and putting this mix between the pav loaded with chutneys and garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts.

6. Bhel puri –

Mumbai’s bhel puri is different and the most delicious one. It is a savoury snack and also a type of chaat. It is made of puffed rice, veggies, tangy tamarind and green chutney. It contains onions, potatoes, tomatoes, coriander, lemon juice, chillies , topped with sev.

7. Bombay Sandwhich-

It is one of the most famous snacks among students and office going people. It serves as a perfect evening snack to them. It consists of a spicy potato stuffing topped with coriander chutney, black salt, roasted cumin and black pepper. Its Yumm…

8. Ragda Pattice-

It is a popular fast food which forms part of the street food of Maharashtra. This dish is a two presentation Ragda and patties. Ragda is made of white peas mashed and fried with onions, spices and tomatoes to make a curry. Patties are made from boiled mashed potatoes and spices. Curry is topped with chutneys, onions and coriander.

Some Chinese Curries we all shall be aware of✔️

When we visit a pure chinese restaurant there are certain items in the menu which we might not understand basically the sauces.. There are certain curries which most of the chinese restaurants have .Lets have a look at them~~
1. Kung Pao Gravy- It has two layers one layer of spices and the other is a balance of soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. It contains ginger, garlic with dried red pepper and leek onions. It has a perfect balance of falvours like savoury, sweet and spice and a bit of sour(just a bit) with a hint of peanuts. Its one of my PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION😋. Have it any type of Noodles👍

2. Black Bean Gravy – Its a classic gravy. It has strong flavours of garlic and chillies. Flavours are sharp, pungent, salty and spicy with a hint of sweet black bean. Its Hot Spicyy.. Have it with NOODLES 👍

3. Chilli Hoisin Gravy – It contains Soy, Garlic, Vinegar and Chilli. Its dark in colour, thick , Strong in flavours salty and sweet.. It has a real good flavour.. Its not very spicy it would be mild spicy and has a unique taste. You may or may not like it but personally speaking i liked it! Have it with NOODLES👍 it would work with rice too👍

4. Red Thai Curry –Its spicy , a bit sweet. It has a savoury taste.. The red colour is due to Bigger Red Chillies. It has flavour of garlic, Lemon Grass and coconut milk. It has a very strong flavour. Have it with steamed rice👍

5. Green Thai Curry – Its a bit spicy and a bit sweet but moreover it has a strong dlavour of lemon grass and coconut milk. The green colour is due to the green chillies and for balancing the spicy flavour lots of coconut milk os added. It has a great taste.. Have it with Rice👍

6. Szechwan Gravy – Its spicy but a little sweet.. It has Chile pepper, garlic, ginger, sugar. Its not very spicy .. Not very good flavour and personally i do not recommend on the first place👍

7. Soy Garlic Sauce – It consists white vinegar, soy sauce, white sugar and garlic. A balance taste of salty, sweet and sour👍

8. Black Pepper Gravy- It consists of Black pepper, sugar, soy sauce and garlic. It has a fresh sweet and a bit sour taste and a good aroma of pepper 👍

9. Mala Gravy – Its spicy one. Its oily, Numbling Spicy , savoury flavour.. Its quite flavourful👍

These curries are mixed with veggies and served🤗

I hope this blog served you enough information❤️ 


Lots of FoodLove❤️


Homemade Ceaser Salad 🥗 

Its my very own recipe of Ceaser Salad ~INGREDIENTS required~

1. Lettuce

2. Tomatoes (cut into small pieces) 

3. Apple ( cut into small pieces)

4. Green grapes (optional)

5. Corns

6. Ceaser salad dressing

7. Seasoning ( Oregano and black Pepper)

8. 2tbsp of Mayo

9. lemon juice freshly squeezed 

10. Olive oil (2tbsp)

11. Brown bread ( cut into small pieces to make croutons)
Take all these ingredients and mix them well. Add the dressing and keep the salad in the fridge for atleat 15 minutes. Take it out squeeze some lemon and top it with croutons 
Serve it fresh. 

I hope you love it😋


Lots of FoodLove❤️


A new food blogger – TheParadiseBliss🍰

 I followed my heart and it led me into the fridge❤️” 

We all do get Crazy and Angry when we are hungry isn’t?🤣 

What is food? 

Food is the meaning of LIFE’ , it brings us together, it gives us hope, its about love, comfort and compassion🤗

Well i have started my new food blog and i hope everyone of you love it❤️❤️  I will make sure to impress all of you and will be much REAL” 

I hope you like my blog❤️

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